Why I Set a Theme and Not Goals for the New Year


I’m sitting in the caravan with a freshly brewed tea watching a storm roll in across the beach as I write this piece to you. 

Since the 28th of December, Steve and I have been traveling down the East Coast of the North Island here in New Zealand. It weirdly feels like longer. From surfing, reading, relaxing, and putting some time into our relationship, it has been a beautiful experience that started this New Year off on the right foot.

Up until now, I made it a point to tap out of socials before the New Year so I could be truly present on this holiday. The year ending is such a symbolic portal for manifestation and change, and I believe that it was worth giving all my attention to set clear intentions and visions for the New Year to come.

Overall, intention setting was a big part of this portal for me – so much that I did some witchy rituals on the beach and breathwork to set intentions for the New Year. I of course balanced that out with some champagne and celebrations, you know, all about that balance right?

By this point, you may be wondering what those intentions were. Though I would love to say I sat in meditation and everything magically landed, I had to do some deeper work to understand my yearly theme. You see, I have and always will love setting themes rather than goals for the New Year because a theme is much more flexible and able to evolve with me. And to be honest, a long list of goals that I’ll probably forget just doesn’t feel inspiring to me.

What does theme-setting look like exactly?

In previous years, I’ve had themes I would follow such as clarity, intention, selfishness, and healing. This year? The theme that I plan to embody is PASSION. Yes, this needs to be in capitals because that’s the energy I’m bringing with it. Passion is something that lives in the core of my heart, which is why I set my main intention for this year to make heart-based decisions that positively impact every area of my life ranging from relationships with myself and others to business, and wellbeing.

It took me about a week to really feel into that theme. I had all sorts of words scribbled down but it was clear PASSION felt the truest for me. So, if you feel that theme setting is taking a long time for you to nail down or are more confused now than when you started, it is perfectly okay. Sometimes these practices take time to land and feel,  and not everything will be an immediate full-body yes. It can be easy to expect a big loud yes, but sometimes your body needs more resources to make that final decision – this goes for anything!

With that being said, if you’re currently conjuring up your vision or theme for 2022, then I’d love to share my process to help you along the way.

1. Create Your Space

First and foremost, consider creating a space where you can freely think, imagine, and plan for the future without distractions. Space is the hidden key and everything for me, and this is the step-by-step process I do each time to optimise it:

  • Grab journal and pens
  • Get in nature – beach, waterfall or somewhere spacious
  • Take ‘spiritual trinkets’ such as crystals, incense, oils, and/or oracle cards
  • Bring Air Pods just in case there’s unwanted noise
  • Bring a sarong or towel to sit on
  • Set up a space that feels like you

2. Proceed With The Process

Once you have all necessities in place and your space is perfect for creativity and thoughts to flow, then sit in meditation and call on your empowered woman. Mines called Victoria, Victoria is a wildly confident woman who speaks her truth and knows her worth. See below for the process to meet your empowered woman.

  • Sit in meditation for as long as feels right, I did 10-15 minutes and embody her energy full
  • Once she is present, start journaling through the eyes of the empowered woman using these journal prompts:
  1. What are my intentions for this year and why?
  2. If they worked out exactly as I wanted them to, what would that look like? 
  3. How will I achieve this and what will I need to do? 
  • Next, write down a list of words that feel like a mix of challenging, scary, stretchy, exciting, and expansive. For example, I wrote down surrender, passion, heart, fullness, and groundedness.
  • Once you do this, select the word that speaks to you the most and one that you feel will support your intentions the best. And you betcha PASSION was that word for me this year.

Final Thoughts

Your theme is like a foundational rock that you can keep coming back to when you’re feeling stuck, off-track, or needing to make a decision. This is why getting a clear depiction of your theme from the start is so essential to keep you on track with your bigger vision. 

Overall, everyone has what it takes (yes, you too!) to become the best version of themselves and achieve success – whatever success means to you. And with the New Year still fresh, there is no better time to get started.

So, grab your journal and set yourself up to thrive. Get in touch with your empowered woman and find your theme so that you can achieve big things as we venture around the sun another time.

Bring on 2022!

Empowered Woman Exploration

If you’ve never met your empowered woman, then I highly recommend doing this practice to get clear on who she is. 

Ask yourself: “If I stepped into the most empowered version of myself, what would that look like?” For this practice, don’t be afraid to think big and use your imagination. 

Ask yourself what do I value? What are my beliefs? What do I wear? How do I speak? What do I eat? How do I make love? How do I make decisions? What type of people do I have around me? How do I get support? What are my spiritual practices?

Answer these questions (and any more you see fit) and then give her a name. Where does she live in your body and then step into her energy whenever you want or need to.

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