NO maths, just masturbation!
NO exams, just sexual education!

Gone are the days when talking about sex feels dirty and taboo and something you only discuss behind closed doors!

It’s time for a new conversation where having a thriving sex life, exploring your sensuality and understanding your body is celebrated and #goals!!

56% of women are unsatisfied with the sex they are having! 

Sadly, a sexless marriage has been a trending joke around the dinner table, but deep down there are so many women yearning to have better sex and be in relationships that feel deeply fulfilling!! 

Let’s normalise having a thriving sex life, feeling confident in our bodies and turned TF ON, rather than secretly dissatisfied and silent with shame!

Our desires and needs aren’t just something we can keep sweeping under the rug and hoping things will change!

We need to get honest about the current situation, get back into our bodies and learn the tools that will *actually* move stagnant energy and bring in a stronger connection, juicy AF pleasure and multi-orgasms! HELL YES!!

If we don’t learn the HOW, nothing’s going to change!!

Just imagine for a minute what it would feel like to…

Feel turned on, dripping with desire and craving your lovers touch when they start initiating instead of dreading the next move and planning your exit.

So confident and comfortable in your body because you know yourself deeply and know exactly what you need and want in the bedroom.

Aliveness, passion and energy in your body everyday because you're activating more of your sexual energy.



Start having the best sex of your life!

Sex School is a safe and sexy space that is going to activate your inner thighs in ways you’ve never experienced before, get the splash blankets ready ;)

6 whole months with me next to your bed (creepy) supporting you to step into your most authentic, sexiest and confident self in the bedroom and beyond!!

This is a space that will keep you plugged into sexual momentum so even when you hit those little dry spells, you’ll have a community, a coach and tools to help you move through it!

I felt so much shame for being curious to learn about sex…

I was 28 when I walked into my first-ever sexuality workshop in the jungle of Ubud.

As I walked in and scanned the room, it was filled with women of all different ages and all there for the same reason - to learn about themselves.

It was the most empowering and healing experience to spend a day learning about breast massage, female sexuality and our intimate bodies!

I left feeling incredibly empowered and also like ‘wow, I am SO disconnected from my sexuality and it’s time to stop faking orgasms’ lol!

I started practising some of the tools I learned and started experiencing waaaay more confidence in the bedroom. Sex went from 'surface-level' to a deep full-body experience.

I never thought working on my sexual self would allow me to feel a deep level of wholeness in my years of being single, lead me to intentionally call in my soul mate, bring me back to my body after the birth of my son, have clear boundaries in my business and know my worth across all areas of my life!!

Sexual Masterclass, Sealed Sections and more every month…

6 months of play, pleasure and exploration! Here’s how we do it!


Our monthly trainings dive into various topics around sex, pleasure and relationships. These masterclasses will be practical and focused on giving you grounded sex education and tips + tricks to explore in the bedroom. These trainings are uploaded at the start of the month and can be watched at your own pace. Binge your monthly #sexflix Scroll down for your schedule.


Get cozy, get your glass of wine or tea because the girls are getting together. This is our monthly meetup where you can be held and heard on your journey. We are stripping it back with conversations about sensuality, relationships, worth, self-love, orgasms, healing -- all the things you secretly want to say is safe here. 

Calls are the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm NZDT! Calls are recorded.


Remember the good old days when Dolly magazine’s sealed section teaching you everything you were too scared to ask your Mum? Well let’s bring it back in a new way! Nothing is off the table in your community hub as we get deep, dirty and vulnerable here. Anything you want to know, I’ll be there to support you + share personalised tools to give you exactly what you need.


Every month you will receive short and sweet guided pleasure practices to support you through any season (heartbreak, single life, motherhood, soul searching) and take you out of your head and back into your heart and hips. These are designed to help you integrate, shift, feel, awaken, transform and actually create the change in yourself that you’re seeking. 


Every quarter on a Sunday we’ll be gathering for a 2-hour online retreat where you can ditch the journals and purely focus on receiving. This is your nervous system reset that will ground you back into your body and bring you back into your heart and hips.

Your sex schedule 


Turn up the volume on self-love, body-love and pussy-love so that you can lay the foundations of a thriving loving relationship with yourself and your body! We’ll be diving into opening your heart to YOU, falling in love with your body (not just the external) and forming a new relationship with your pussy!


Learn how to enhance your pleasure so you can access MORE orgasms, MORE sensation and MORE turn-on in the bedroom. We’ll dive into female erogenous zones, specific touch techniques to activate deeper pleasure, somatic tools to get you in your body and the right mindset that will support your body to relax open and receive pleasure. 


Learn how to move through seasons of no desire, zero libido and struggling to get turned on by understanding the female hormone system, tools for bringing your desire back online and what your libido needs to thrive!


Learn about the different types of orgasms, how to have them, and the orgasmic tools to expand your current orgasmic experiences to be bigger and better. Understand how the mind and body work together to get you over the edge and what tools to use when you feel blocked!


Clear the body of past relationships, stagnancy, hurt and negative experiences with somatic practices that will deeply heal you + create space for you to call in your most sexually liberated and bold self!


Learn what it takes to have a successful, juicy, long-lasting and satisfying relationship. From conflict tools to repair to spicing things up to cultivating attraction/polarity no matter how long you've been together!

Maybe you’ve given up hope that your sex life can get better?

Maybe you feel so disconnected from your body that you don’t know where to start...

Or you have a story in your head that you’re just not a sexual woman...

Maybe faking orgasms have become the norm and you don’t know how to break the chain because it's become so habitual..

We're shaking things up in Sex School and stepping into a new and juicy era of sexual empowerment and liberation!!

Here’s what I know is possible…. 

You can start unleashing more of your wild, sexy and untamed self in the bedroom even if you’re been holding back because you’re unsure HOW to let go!

You can feel that pussy pulse of aliveness between your thighs again even after years of feeling so goddamn dead down there!

You can absolutely reach orgasmic states that leave you feeling like you’ve been micro-dosing for daaaays even if right now you can’t even feel the slightest tingle!

We kick things off with our first call 3rd July!

6x Monthly Payments
$125 NZD per month

One-Off Payment
$700 NZD