A 6-week guided embodiment journey to ignite a deeper relationship to your heart, body and yoni so that you can reconnect with your intimate self. (Next intake June 2023)

Pleasure, bliss, aliveness and ecstasy live within all of us!

Everyone has the power to ground into these delicious energies allowing them to energise, love, open and expand you. But people forget, reaching for quick fixes to make them happy, loved and sexually fulfilled, leaving them feeling even more lost, numb and disconnected.

Let me remind you that the most aliveness you will ever feel is IN. YOUR. BODY. BABY!

No matter how disconnected you feel, no matter what season or chapter of life you're in right now, your body will guide you home, your job is to listen.

Intimate will teach you how to feel your heart, ignite your aliveness, embody your sensuality and love on your body as a woman. This is for the women who don't know where to start and need a roadmap to begin their intimate embodiment journey. We're going deep together and opening to more self-love, more sensuality and more pleasure.

This is for you if you...


  • Don't know where to start on your intimate journey, you're needing a road map and professional guidance to help you move past your blocks and back into a deep loving relationship with your body and pleasure

  • You want to create strong, sexy foundations of deep intimacy with yourself first and foremost; the idea of reconnecting back to your pleasure and exploring your body excites you 

  • You feel flat, lost and completely out of touch with yourself; you're needing support, guidance and accountability + a safe space to explore this part of yourself again

  • You've learnt some of the basic stuff about sex, pleasure and embodiment through Instagram, but you're ready to go deeper with your journey and discover more about what your body is truly capable of

  • ​You feel like you're only existing from the shoulders up and have tapped out of your body due to stress, motherhood, traumatic experiences or the daily grind

Week 1: Re-establishing an intimate connection to your heart, body & vulva.

Breast and heart activation, fierce self-love and the first step of yoni connection. 

Call #1: Tuesday 18 October 7-8pm NZDT


Week 2: Healing and letting go of sexual shame, disconnection and numbness.

Identifying your blocks, releasing the heavy charge around them and somatically moving them out of the body. 

Call #2: Thursday 27 October 7-8pm NZDT

Week 3: Awaken sexual confidence, harness your power and speak your truth.

Explore the deeper aspects of yourself so that you can step into bolder, sexier and more authentic versions of yourself both in the bedroom and in everyday life.

Call #3: Tuesday 01 November 6:30-7:30pm NZDT

Week 4: Cultivating a strong and loving connection to your vulva through self-pleasure and embodiment work.

Building trust, clear communication and safety with your vagina + external awakening touch tools to build more arousal and pleasure. 

Call #4 Wednesday 09 November 7-8pm NZDT

Week 5: Expanding and enhancing your orgasm.

Awakening your internal erogenous zones (G, A, P, K & cervix) whilst using holistic sex tools to stay present in your body and enhance your pleasure experiences. 

Call #5: Tuesday 15 November 6-7pm NZDT

Week 6: Feeling sexually empowered, liberated and alive in your body.

Plug any final leaks that have come up through the program, receive coaching to create a clear roadmap for the next 6 months and move forward with a new relationship to your heart, body and yoni. 

Call #6: Wednesday 23 November 7-8pm NZDT


What you'll receive

  • 6x Live weekly 60min Zoom calls to go deeper into sex, self-love, intimacy and pleasure + receive hot seat coaching and guidance for what's coming up for you
  • A weekly release of pre-recorded videos and embodiment practices that will help you embody the teachings on a deeper level
  • Private VIP Voxer group for our intimate group of 20 women so that you can receive 1:1 support/coaching between sessions to help you move through blocks and limiting stories as they come up (this is absolute GOLD)
  • Lifetime access to the course & recordings so that you can return back to the practices over and over again
  • *Free Bonus* The Pleasure Within online course ($222USD)

"I have been on a self discovery journey for almost three years now and have done all the things but still felt something was missing and then I found Mel and Intimate. This course changed my life. I learnt so much about myself in those 6 weeks by getting out of my head and into my BODY which felt so liberating. I have learnt life long tools that I know work and I can drop into at anytime. Thank you so much Mel, forever grateful xx"

— Charlotte

"I signed up to Intimate to connect deeply to my body, my heart, my womb and my yoni - for me this container served not only as a guide but also as a ‘permission slip’ to explore myself with no shame attached. Which is exactly what I did - through the most beautiful, sensual practices and meditations, all while being held in sisterhood. It has been a powerful and life changing experience and I came out not only feeling deeply connected but full of self love. Intimate has changed me forever, in the best way possible and I am so empowered and excited to live from this new space I have created within."

— B

"When I signed up for Intimate I was really struggling with connecting with myself at any real level. I didn't fully understand what I was signing up for but I told myself that at the very least I'd get to learn about how to have better sex. It was so much more than that! It taught me how to begin to have a relationship with myself and especially my body, after being so disconnected for so long. It taught me how to start this journey through some really tangible actions. I loved the embodiment practices so much, and I've taken those skills into many aspects of my life. Mel is a beautiful human and a very skilled facilitator. I encourage you to take the plunge and sign up. Lean right into the journey and enjoy opening up a new side to yourself."

— Amy

"Intimate gave me so much more than what I expected. I dived deep into areas I had tried to push down but they were affecting me more than I realised.  To open up, feel and release was absolute magic. It filters into everything, and now I have an incredible starting point to rejuvenate my relationship with myself and my partner."

— Kylie

I know you're ready to get intimate with yourself and learn how to trust your body, listen to your heart and open up to more intimacy in your life.

I also know there's something deeper you're actually craving....and that's to reconnect to the deeper parts of you, to feel free and truly alive again! And this is the space that will move you, hold you, guide you and love you through that journey!

It's time my love.

About Melissa

Certified Holistic Sex Coach

It wasn't until I walked out of my first sexuality workshop in 2015 in Ubud, Bali that I realised how disonnected I was to my body, heart, yoni and pleasure. I had to sheepishly admit to myself (and my partner at the time) that I had been performing a lot in the bedroom (pretending to enjoy things, zero boundaries, no relationship to my body and super goal-focused (give me the orgasm!)

Soon after this workshop I became wildly addicted (in a good way) to learning more about myself; flying around the world, training with tantric masters, working with somatic sexologists and later becoming a Certified Holistic Sex Coach.

There is so much freedom, power and aliveness that lives in our bodies and the more we can lean into these intimate parts of ourselves the more liberated we can feel and deeply connected. I cannot wait!

See you soon my love xx