Deeper intimacy with yourself and your lover isn’t as far away as you think. 

Maybe you’ve seen all the power couples on instagram kissing and connecting, and although there’s a trigger at first, there’s also something moving in you that wants to feel that level of passion and presence with your partner again.

Maybe post-birth you’ve lost your confidence, and it’s left you feeling frustrated and defeated and wanting things to go back to the way they used to be in your body and sex life.

Maybe the last few years you’ve been through what feels like heartbreak after heartbreak, and you’ve lost your sense of trust in yourself, and you don’t know how the heck to truly open up to love again. 

Maybe you see other women online oozing with radiance and confidence, but it feels so far away from how you currently feel, and you want to feel that spark again.

No matter how you're feeling right now, please know that when you intentionally start exploring your body and inner world (with potent AF tools and practices) you can unlock a type of confidence that will blow your freakin mind!!

Take a moment to picture life in a few months…

You’re rocking a whole new level of self-love and connection to your body. You’re actually showing up fully for your self-care and pleasure practices, not avoiding them. 

You notice yourself laughing more, feeling more present with your kids, soaking in the simple pleasures and fully receiving those loving moments with your partner.

Instead of going down a scroll hole every night, you’re getting to know yourself and your body on a much deeper level and you feel so fucking confident and worthy of pleasure.

You aren’t constantly trying to go back to your pre-birth self anymore because you’ve fully landed back in your body. Sex with your lover now feels totally free, juicy and pleasurable because you know yourself on a much deeper level.

You’re experiencing head-to-toe orgasms and heart-opening pleasure on the regular and it feels fucking unreal and liberating!

Gone are the days of not really  knowing what you want or feeling too embarrassed to ask for it, you're now guiding your partner to hit those hot spots and the pleasure is floooowing!

You just feel lighter. More at peace. In your heart. Radiant. And turned the fuck ON! 

You feel a deeper connection to your feminine core!

And this is juuuuust the tip….


Joining Intimate gives you instant access to:

7 in-depth educational, practical and interactive modules to immediately start exploring somatic bodywork, sexual healing, pleasure education and learning how to integrate these skills and embodiment practices into your relationship and life right away.

Every module comes with video lessons, embodiment practices, demo videos and meditations to help you deepen your understanding, refine your skills, and build more sexual confidence.

Module 1: Heart and Body Connection

Reignite an intimate connection with your heart, body, and pleasure, discover the power of self-love and cultivate more self-trust and safety in your body so that you can build a strong foundation of sexual confidence.

Module 2: Sexual Healing

Somatically release and gently heal your sexual blocks around shame, numbness, pain and trauma, particularly around the heart and pussy/pelvic bowl area so sexual vitality can start flowing through you again.

Module 3: Unshakeable Confidence

Build bone-deep sexual confidence by learning what you need, want and desire in the bedroom so that you can express your boundaries, communicate your desires and unleash your authentic self.

Module 4: Meeting Your Pussy

Cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with your pussy - get cliterate and learn how to externally touch your vulva in delicious pleasurable ways so you start experiencing heightened states of arousal that will leave you feeling deeply satisfied and fulfilled.

Module 5: Re-sensitising Your Vagina For Pleasure

Focus on increasing internal pleasure through de-armouring practices and internal massage so you can awaken sensitivity in your vagina and start rewiring new pleasure pathways.

Module 6: Unlock Full-Body Pleasure & Orgasms

Go deeper into internal orgasm exploration, learn how to awaken the G-spot, A-spot, P-spot, K-spot, and cervix using blended pleasure massage techniques and how to move through orgasm blocks moment-to-moment.

Module 7: Magnetism, Sexual Empowerment & Liberation

Unlock sexual freedom, plug any sexual energy leaks and remember your worth as a sexual woman. Learn the art of sex magic manifestation and pave the way for a life that's profoundly anchored in your heart, body and pleasure.

What students are saying...


4 x Live Group Coaching Calls

Live group coaching calls to explore the module topics together, ask for personalised support and guidance directly from Mel to go deeper into the practices. Nothing is off topic here, these calls are for you to keep learning, integrating and exploring anything that comes up along the way - All calls are recorded and added to the portal within 24hrs.

  1. Tues 12th March 7:30pm NZDT
  2. Tues 26th March 7:30pm NZDT
  3. Tues 9th April 7:30pm NZDT
  4. Tues 23rd April 7:30pm NZDT

Plus Bonuses (worth $555)

1: Online Retreat: The Intimate Experience

A virtual 2.5hr retreat where Mel guides you deeper into your body through sensual breathwork, meditation, movement, journaling, intention setting and coaching. You’ll come out the other side feeling deeply activated, high on sexual energy and inspired to start your journey!

  • Sunday 3rd March 9am NZDT

2: The Pleasure Within Program

To support your journey beyond Intimate, this 6-week exclusive program will teach you beginner and advanced Jade Egg and Wand practices to awaken your pussy and active your sexual vitality. Instant access when you sign up.

Intimate has changed me forever

"This container served not only as a guide but also as a ‘permission slip’ to explore myself with no shame attached. Which is exactly what I did - through the most beautiful, sensual practices and meditations, all while being held in sisterhood. It has been a powerful and life changing experience and I came out not only feeling deeply connected but full of self love. Intimate has changed me forever, in the best way possible and I am so empowered and excited to live from this new space I have created within.

— Brooke

New relationship with my body

I was really struggling with connecting with myself at any real level. I was avoiding my thoughts and feelings by keeping myself very busy, but knowing deep down that that approach wasn't serving me. Intimate taught me how to begin to have a relationship with myself and especially my body, after being so disconnected for so long. It taught me how to start this journey through some really tangible actions. I loved the embodiment practices so much.

— Amy

Orgasm in multiple different ways

Melissa’s course Intimate is a great road map for new mothers navigating intimacy in their relationship and with themselves again. The courses practical embodied tools taught me how to get out of my mind and the heavy mental load of motherhood and back into my body. I was able to feel turned on and orgasm in multiple different ways by the end of the course. I’ve already recommended this course to most of my girlfriends!

— Grace

Rejuvenate my relationship

"Intimate gave me so much more than what I expected. I dived deep into areas I had tried to push down but they were affecting me more than I realised.  To open up, feel and release was absolute magic. It filters into everything, and now I have an incredible starting point to rejuvenate my relationship with myself and my partner."

— Kylie

This course changed my life!

"I have been on a self discovery journey for almost three years now and have done all the things but still felt something was missing and then I found Mel and Intimate. This course changed my life. I learnt so much about myself in those 6 weeks by getting out of my head and into my BODY which felt so liberating. I have learnt life long tools that I know work and I can drop into at anytime"

— Charlotte

Everything I was looking for

"Intimate with Mel was everything I was looking for in a sexual empowerment course. I wanted to reconnect to my sexual self after feeling super disconnected since becoming a mother. I found it hard to shift out of mum mode and see myself as a sexy woman deserving of pleasure. I was stuck in my head and found sex with my husband clunky and confronting. Intimate helped me get out of my head, back into my body and reconnected to pleasure! The content is great and I especially loved the weekly embodiment practices. It felt so empowering and safe being able to listen to the practices at home and explore new ways of seeing myself, moving my body and touching myself."

— Libby

New to my world? Let me introduce myself...

I'm Mel, and I'm incredibly passionate about bringing a holistic approach to sex and relationships!

The turning point for me was attending my first sexuality workshop in 2015 while visiting Ubud, Bali.

I had the confronting realisation that I was so disconnected from my body, especially my sexuality. I would perform, fake orgasms (don't tell anyone), focus on satisfying my partners, and pretty much take what I could get. I felt like there was more, and I didn't know how to access it!

Soon after this workshop, I became deeply devoted to learning more about my sexual self. I was on a quest to gain a f*ck ton more confidence, a toolbox of sexual skills, and an abundance of orgasms!

So, I flew around the world and trained with somatic sexologists, tantric masters, and relationship gurus.

As I delved into the depths of my sexual self, a profound sexual awakening unfolded. I realised that this intrinsic essence residing within all of us holds the key to our sexual freedom and confidence. The more we delve into understanding these intimate aspects of ourselves, the more connection and confidence we can build - YES!!!!

And I want this for you! 'Intimate' is the space that will open you up to parts of you that you never knew existed!! Are you ready?

If this feels scary but exciting, trust that pull. Whatever is on the other side of this feeling has the potential to change your life! I can't wait to journey with you!

Melissa xx

Intimate is for you if...

  • Don't know where to start on your journey of sexual self-discovery and you’re looking for a safe and intimate space to go deeper
  • You want to create strong, sexy AF foundations of deep intimacy with yourself first and foremost; the idea of reconnecting back to your pleasure and exploring your body excites you (and potentially scares you)
  • You feel flat, lost and completely out of touch with yourself and you’ve been placing pleasure on the back burner for faaaaar too long
  • You find it hard to shift out of mum mode and see yourself as a sexy woman deserving of pleasure and now sex feels clunky and awkward
  • You know a thing or two about your body and sex, you feel mildly satisfied but you know there’s MORE and you're ready for MORE!
  • ​​You keep getting stuck in your head and overthinking everything and you don't know how to anchor back into your body
  • You’re deeply yearning to embrace your body, explore your desires without shame and fully own who you are as a woman!
  • You feel nervous to initiate intimacy and disconnected to what your body wants, you're unable to orgasm which feels deflating and confusing

You're here because...

You’re ready to have a deeper relationship with yourself after being disconnected for so long.

You're ready to put yourself first, trust your body and listen to what's on your heart.

You're ready to acknowledge what you've been ignoring and pushing down and finally move through it.

You want a toolkit of powerful embodiment practices so you know how to move out of sticky and undesirable feelings like anxiety, stagnancy, stress and overwhelm.

You’re craving more depth and intimacy with yourself and your partner.

You’re ready to reconnect with the deeper parts of being a woman who owns her sexuality and takes up space in the bedroom.

And the only way to make that happen is by starting with YOU!

Intimate is closed for enrolments until October 2024