My 4 Biggest 2021 Takeaways

I was sitting on the couch with my love yesterday and I asked him, “what are the top 4 things you’ve learnt from this year?” I sat and listened and then he asked me back.

So here they are.

1. I believed in myself like NEVER before

I decided to befriend my old mate imposter syndrome and self-doubt. I loved up on them so hard through daily practices like affirmations, journaling, movement and post it notes on my computer. 

I made my mission and purpose in life, which is to create a sex-positive and cycle conscious world through education, bigger than my fear. I made sure my mission was at the forefront of my mind and not my self-doubt. And, even in the days that chewed me up and spat me back out, I believed in myself.

2. I got intentional with who and where my energy was going

I took a scan of all the areas in my life and asked myself, am I leaking energy in this area of my life or do I feel fully empowered? I worked with a 1-10 scale and then made an action plan for each area on ways I could feel fully empowered. This isn’t a quick fix strategy, it’s something I’m still working on but it did instantly energise me and bring back my spark.

3. Broke up with my people-pleaser

I caught myself trying to please others in various areas of my life and it was burning me out! So, I got real with my people pleaser and told her she was no longer needed and wished her well on her journey. 

I implemented boundaries, caught myself when I was falling back into the people-pleaser role and started celebrating that not everyone is going to like me for speaking my truth or asserting my boundaries and guess what? That’s ok. Ughhhhh the freedom in that is insane.

4. Focused on my mental and physical wellbeing

And last but not least, my mental and physical health. I’ll admit, I have been burnt out far too many times this year. You know, navigating the world, being incredibly passionate about what I do and my A-type personality.

In August I hit rock bottom, it was bound to happen and it’s exactly that I needed to make a shift in my life. I went offline for 10 days and committed to my health in a BIG way. 

This is what I did:

  • I stopped drinking alcohol for 4 months
  • I started green juicing every morning (I’m now addicted)
  • I started running, doing pilates and getting back into yoga
  • I started journaling and doing morning pages 
  • I went to therapy and got professional support
  • I self-pleasured weekly and brought alllll the crystals and glass toys onboard

So, that’s my 2021 wrap and what a year it has been. I love looking back and reflecting on my achievements, celebrations and challenges because sometimes I forget how resilient I am. I think it’s important we all do a little reflecting and celebrating.

Don’t forget to create some time for yourself, either by a cosy fire, on the beach or in nature to do some reflections and celebrations. You’ve completed another year, you’re here and I’m proud of you.

I love you and I can’t wait to share more with you in 2022.

Bonus: Affirmations to believe in yourself:

  • I was born to do this or get specific _______
  • Everything I need is within me to dominate at ________
  • No one can do this better than I can
  • My essence and who I am is rare and I promise to share my authentic self with the world
  • Being my true self is the reason people are attached to me
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