Sex Aftercare


I speak a lot about how to have great sex and what to do before to make it great but what about the after game? Taking care of yourself after sex is just as important as taking care of yourself during sex. Cultivating connection after sex can help with bonding, closeness and intimacy. Try these after sex care techniques:

1. Snuggle Up

Take a moment to snuggle up with your lover and bask in that after sex oxytocin glow. This is a beautiful way to cultivate intimacy and connection with one another and feel each others bodies. Let those post orgasm feel good chemicals flush through your body.

2. Go to the Bathroom

Before you snuggle up or once you’ve snuggled for a moment, take a break and go to the bathroom. It’s recommended to go pee right after sex to stop any infections like a UTI, no one wants those and your urine helps to keep things clean down there.

3. Feedback/Compliments

After the bathroom, snuggle back up and chat. Who doesn’t like to hear how good they were in bed? Compliment your lover or share some feedback that you think would benefit your sex life. Don’t be afraid to share what didn’t work as well, all feedback is good feedback. I’m a big fan of knowing what worked and what didn’t so that I can be the best lover.

4. Needs

While you’re chatting, ask your partner if they need anything post sex. Perhaps fetching a snack, grabbing some cold water, offering back tickles, having a shower together, watching some Netflix or going for a swim. There are so many delicious pleasurable experiences you can do together to keep the passion and intimacy alive.

5. Wash Your Toys

When you’re finished with the first few things, if you used toys, make sure you wash them, you want to keep them as clean as possible so they don’t harbour any bacteria.

6. Don’t Rush (unless it’s a quickie)

Finally, take your time. It can be really nice to slow things down after sex. There is no rush, unless of course it was a quickie. Slowing down can keep your post-sex glow lingering – yummy!

Remember to look after yourself, communicate with your lover what you would like to happen after sex and give it a go, this could be a new concept for them so be patient.


With love, Melissa xx

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