Do You Mother Your Lover?

Mothering your lover is reversed polarity – meaning it puts you in your masculine energy. There are many ways to mother. Sometimes, when you mother, you can be in your feminine energy but when we are talking about mothering your husband, wife, partner or lover we are talking about being in your masculine energy.

There can be many layers to why this happens:

  • You feel like you can’t trust your partner
  • You feel like you need to control people
  • You feel scared to let go fully
  • You feel like you need to tell people what to do

There’s no shame in any of this…but it can stop you from being truly worshipped as the Queen you are. When you let go of the mothering role in your relationship, you allow for your lover to step into their masculine (no matter who they identify as – man, woman, non-binary).

Side Note: Every human has masculine and feminine energy. It’s known by yin/yang, sun/moon force/flow, and many others, but for the sake of this blog we will stick with “masculine” and “feminine.”

I wish the solution was as simple as saying, “just stop mothering them” but it isn’t. There is a need that isn’t getting met either yours or your lovers. Try this – begin to cultivate a strong thread of trust in your relationship, one that can still make you feel safe, even when you let go. How could you trust your lover even more?

Another option is exploring different archetypes within you….

The Queen

The Queen demands worship, royalty and love.

The Goddess

The Goddess has energy that is magnetic, alive and pulsating.

The Sacred Slut

The Sacred Slut is devoted to pleasure and loves sex.

After that, lean into trust. Trust that your lover can figure out their own sh*t. That they can hold you in this energy and that they have the inner resources to step into their own archetypes. Love them through this. Bear witness to them and keep holding that bigger vision for them so they can do the same for you.

You do not need to save them (or mother them), the more you mother them the more water you are putting on your sexual fire.

Step into your divine feminine. You’ve got this.

With Love, Melissa xx

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