Quick Tip For Spicing Up Your Sex Life


All too often couples are spending hundreds of dollars or toys and accessories in the hope of spicing things up in the bedroom and although I recommend exploring with new and exciting things...spicing up your sex life doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

Hot tip....start bonking outside of the bedroom. Easy and effective.

You could try another room of the house (given your housemates are out or you live alone), kitchen bench, on the deck or sneaky public spaces, cars or tents, side of the road, on the beach...if you can sit, stand or lay down, you’re good to go 😏💦

Often we can get so in our heads about spicing things up and spend a fortune 💸 on allllll the trinkets when actually we can make it super simple and get outta the bedroom baby! There's a different energy about new spaces which evokes excitement, newness, exploration, creativity and FUN! Sxx is fuuuuun, remember that, and who know's who may come out and play in this new space!

Where are you having sex this weekend?

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