Intimate With You ft. Mon Barton


Mon Barton
Model, Cook, Content Creator, Marketing Consultant.

1. How do you think we could make our culture more sex-positive?

I think we need to be more exposed to sex, real sex. To me it makes zero sense to censor a universal constant. We are all sexual beings, we are all made to reproduce, why do we shame, hide and stigmatise something we ALL desire, watch and/or engage in? If I ever have kids, I want them to understand what healthy, consensual sex is so that they can experiment with confidence and knowledge whenever they're ready. It starts with the youth I feel… if they are taught to feel guilt, shame and embarrassment around sex then they will have to find other sources of education (usually mainstream porn). Every persons sexual energy is part of their identity and individual confidence, so if it’s being silenced, ignored or hidden, how can we truly feel liberated and free?

2. If you could go back to school and teach a 1-hour sex-ed class what are 3 things you would teach?

Okay wow, LOVE this question. 
  1. Communication = confidence. This would be touching on how communication in the bedroom, with yourself and/or your sexual partner opens the door to confidence and GREAT sex. Communication takes the guessing game out of sex, and allows you to both have and achieve what you both want from sex. Homework would be practicing good communication skills in everyday life and analysing the results from being an open communicator. 
  2. Wet vs Dry, Hard vs Soft. This would be a whole unit around natural vaginal lubrication, what it means, why it's important and how you can achieve it (nervous system work). And on the flip, the many reasons behind vaginal dryness why using spit to lubricate is a big no no. Then, educating them on the factors behind erections and flaccidness and that penis owners also have many factors that contribute to their arousal etc. 
  3. The power of non-goal orientated sex. I feel that bringing in a spiritual element to sex ed will get the kids a bit more intrigued. This would include tantric practices, the power of edging, how and why behind yoni massages and how edging can level up your sex stamina, energy and connection.

3. What’s been your biggest challenge in the bedroom and what is your advice for someone moving through this?

Deffffinatley communication. I figured this out a while ago after I read the bible (Vagina by Naomi Wolf). I came to realise that I hadn’t even been communicating with myself on what I wanted in sex, I just assumed that I wanted everything I had seen in porn. This obviously translated in the bedroom as I never thought to just use my voice and say ‘hey, lets slow down a bit, I really like it when you….” or “Hey i’ve actually never experienced an orgasm before, would you be down to help me get there”. But there is so much more internal, individual work behind communication… understanding yourself a little better and knowing your own values and worth will help your voice become stronger. 

4. Can you describe what makes sex amazing for you?

SO many things haha. Thats actually one thing I would also love to teach kids… sex isnt just about the physicality of it, it’s a complete visceral experience. Sight, touch, smell, sound, taste. Sex is amazing for me when all 5 of those senses are being tapped into. Don’t get me wrong I love impromptu intimacy but when there is mood lighting (candles, fairy lights, red light etc), the smell on my lovers breath (maybe wine, or the delicious meal i’ve just cooked), eyegazing whilst kissing and touching (SO powerful), a hot n horny little album or playlist going and the taste of their skin. All of this combined with someone who is not in a rush, understanding that there is no goal, allows me to fully surrender into my body and my feminine energy. That's hot. 

5. If you were to change something about your sex life right now, what would it be?

The miles between me and my boyfriend haha! We’re currently doing long distance (between Aus and Bali). Other than that, I am soooo happy with my sex life. For the first time in a long time, I’ve got such a healthy libido and I love connecting with intimacy both solo and with my partner.

6. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses in the bedroom?

Strength is definitely communication and romance. I loveeee all the little touches and have no qualms in talking about desires, needs, consent, dirty talk etc. My weakness is probably my eagerness to cum hahaha. I go through waves of practicing tantra and edging but  then sometimes I get so excited to experience such a heighten state of pleasure that I rush to it. Gotta learn to slow down sometimes hehe.

Wild card: What animal represents you in the bedroom, and why?

Is it weird to say a snake? Haha! I feel very sensual and soft in the bedroom. I love the way my body moves with my partner when I’m aroused and feel sexual. 



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