Intimate With You ft. Beatrice Thorne


General Manager at Eve Wellness

1. What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

For me, weekends are about slowing down and being present to enjoy the little moments that make my heart feel full. Lounging in my bed, cuddling with my partner; the moment my coffee arrives while out for breakfast; deep chats in the car while driving to go on an adventure; hanging onto every word a friend says as they tell me a story. These are the moments I love.

2. What has been the most significant thing you have learnt about sex and intimacy growing up?

I’ve learned that sex and intimacy are entirely unique and personal to each of us, and each partnering. When we compare ourselves to others - how sexy they are, how liberated, how active, how they might look, what they might do with a partner - we lose the opportunity to tune in and explore our own needs and preferences. We are enough as we are. 

3. How do you think we could make our culture more sex-positive rather than seeing sex as taboo?

At Eve our mission is to erase the shame around sex, periods and women’s bodies, and one of the ways we do this is simply by talking about these things on the regular. It’s time to say the quiet stuff out loud – no more hushed tones! Friends talking to friends, sisters to sisters and parents to children (in an appropriate way, of course). Sunlight is the antithesis to shame, so the more light we shine on these topics the less shameful they become.

4. How did your sex education shape your sexual experiences in your 20’s?

My school-given sex education was pretty much non-existent. But the narrative around sex that I picked up from school peers was much more influential for me. Stories I picked up were things like ‘if you’re not sexually active, you’re not desirable, or you’re frigid’. It felt like ‘doing things’ with boys made you cool. This probably led to some sexual encounters in my 20s that I may not have engaged in if I had felt empowered with more authority over my body and worth beyond the physical. 

5. What is your biggest piece of advice you have for young women growing up and wanting to explore their sexuality without shame?

Your body is beautiful - explore it alone, get hands-on, maybe a toy if you feel comfy, and develop a relationship with yourself. Your body is a safe place you can come back to, to connect at any time. Explore sexual encounters in a way that feels comfortable for YOU - not your friend, or someone you saw in a movie. Your desires, your appetite, your comfort zones are to be honoured and celebrated.

6. What are you doing to create a more sex-positive culture?

The taboo around sex is closely linked to the shame that has been put on women’s bodies, vaginas and our health. Eve is passionately and actively using our platform to talk about topics like libido, vaginal health, turn ons, sexual preferences and more. My hope is that our conversations spark other positive conversations, and in time our attitudes and prejudices change.

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