Intimate With You ft. Kevin Pichot



Kevin Pichot
Owner of Fitness All Together, an outdoor movement community based in Auckland.

Founder of Mums All Together, a non for profit organisation supporting new mums on their postpartum journey.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the weekend?

I consider myself a simple man living a fast, busy life so the best weekend (the one you remember the most) is always the weekend out of Auckland, far from my weekday routine. 

I’m the lucky owner of a campervan called « Okioki » (translate: to rest, pause in Tē Aro Māori), which has now become my best weekend partner. If you know me, you know how food is important to me… Before I leave Auckland, there is a high chance you will catch me at « Maison Vauron » filling up my basket with my favourite french treats (and bottles of wine most of the time).

Where to go? Either if I head to the magical Whatipu on the west coast or the dreaming Matapouri on the East coast, I know it will always be a good idea as long as I’m beside the ocean. Rain or shine, winter or summer, compulsory daily swim will not be missed

How do you think we could make our culture more sex-positive rather than seeing sex as taboo?

A lot has changed since I had my first sexual experience. Now sex is accessible within a click, and kids have their own smartphones from the age of 10, I’m not a parent yet but it must be pretty scary. 

I believe that it comes down to education or, to be more precise, early education. When was 13 I remember my parents offering me a book for teenagers about sex education. It was a good idea, but I/we never really felt confident or comfortable enough to chat about it. I also remember my first (and only) sex education session at school. I was around the same age, it was 1 hour, boys and girls were in different rooms (big mistakes in my opinion) and then we were supposed to be ready and know everything (LOL). 

Let's educate our sons and daughters openly about sex and relationships without making it feel awkward or pushy.

Even though education plays an important role from the early stages of life, I believe that communication remains the most important solution for all ages. Talking openly with your partner is game-changing and it helps you understand each other’s needs and way of sharing sex. Everyone is different and has their own beliefs, let’s chat. I’ve learned it myself through my early relationships and looking back, I would’ve changed a lot of things.

If you could go back to school and teach a 1-hour sex-ed class what are 3 things you would teach?

  • You will be confronted with Porn, it’s not reality and will never be.
  • The importance of consent. 
  • Protection, there was never enough emphasis on this.


What’s been your biggest challenge in the bedroom and what is your advice for someone moving through this?

I am not very proud about it but back in the days and due to a lack of education and communication, I used to be pretty selfish with reaching an orgasm. Let’s put it this way, I used to think that if my partner was making noise, she was having an orgasm… 

Yes, men (in particular) need to be more educated on female physiology and the differences between guys and women.

So once again, talk to each other, ask the right questions, observe your partner and never forget that sex is not just having an orgasm.

There are some pretty cool IG accounts providing quality content and great educational tools… stay curious


Wild card: What animal represents you in the bedroom, and why?

Mel… seriously? 😂 Ok, let’s play.

Crocodile 🐊: Observant, patient, a little unpredictable and enjoying a warm and wet environment.


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