4 Simple Practices to Reconnect in Your Relationship


Life can sometimes get in the way, leaving couples feeling disconnected and distant from each other. Whether it's the excuse of not having enough time, feeling unsure about what to do, or simply lacking the motivation, it's crucial to address these challenges and reignite the spark in your relationship.

Here are four easy practices that can cultivate a deeper intimate connection, remind you why you love each other, and revitalise stagnant energy in your relationship.

1. Eye Gazing

Find a comfortable space where you can sit face-to-face, like a cozy couch or bed. Set a timer for 3-10 minutes (start with 3 minutes if you're new to this practice). Sitting cross-legged, gaze into each other's eyes while breathing deeply and relaxing your bodies. Take this time to truly see and be present with your partner, allowing any emotions to arise without judgment. Initially, you might feel a little awkward or giggle, but let that pass, and come back to the moment. Eye gazing can be a profound way to connect and understand each other on a deeper level.

2. 15-Minute Giving & Receiving

This practice can be done in bed to create a more intimate setting. Choose one partner to start as Partner A and the other as Partner B. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Partner A will express what they desire from Partner B, whether it's a slow touch, neck massage, foot rub, or any other affectionate gesture. Feel free to adjust or add to your desires as you go along. Once the timer is up, switch roles, and Partner B will share their desires with Partner A. This exercise fosters open communication and allows each partner to express their needs and desires in a safe and loving environment.

3. Love Bomb

Create a relaxing environment where you both can sit comfortably and hear each other. Set a timer for 5 minutes and designate one partner as the "Asker" and the other as the "Talker." The Asker will simply say, "What do you love about me?" The Talker then spends the next 5 minutes sharing heartfelt compliments and appreciation for their partner. This practice helps reinforce positive affirmations and reminds you of the unique qualities that drew you to each other in the first place.

4. Turn Ons & Offs

Take some time separately to jot down what turns you on and off in various aspects of your relationship. Consider the areas of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and even thoughts. Additionally, include any other factors that may be important to both of you, such as communication preferences, check-ins, and consent. Afterwards, come together and share your lists. This exercise allows you to better understand each other's preferences and desires, fostering a more intimate and fulfilling connection.

In conclusion, investing time and effort in these simple practices can make a significant difference in revitalising your relationship. Remember, it's normal not to feel ecstatic about trying new things, but pushing through and prioritising your relationship is well worth the effort.

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