Your monthly membership to better sex, intimacy and relationships.

Ready for Sex Ed 2.0? Don’t worry, this version will actually teach you something.

Did sex education fail you? Was female pleasure non-existent in the curriculum?

I hear you, I feel like sex education missed a few major topics like sexy communication, intimate boundaries, empowered consent, mind-bending orgasms and accessing more pleasure during sex. The topics we really wanted to learn about right?

This is when Sex Ed 2.0 a.k.a The Classroom by Melissa Vranjes™ was birthed.

The Classroom by Melissa Vranjes is a monthly membership that provides holistic sexuality education to empower women in all stages of life. From online masterclasses to engaging videos, The Classroom aims to normalise conversations about sex and give you accessible tools focused on holistic sexual wellness.

If you want to revolutionise how you feel about your body, spice up your sex life or feel more confident in the bedroom, then The Classroom was created for you.

Think of The Classroom as your virtual bookshelf; you can choose different styles of holistic sex education and teachings whenever you please. The time commitment is entirely up to you, but we recommend plugging into class for 30-minutes a week. This could be listening to a meditation, watching an interview or immersing yourself in a short guided pleasure practice; your options are endless.

So, what do you say? Are you coming back to class with us? 




What's included in your membership?

01 / Live 60min Monthly Sessions

We gather every 3rd week of the month via Zoom and dive into the subject of the month.

02 / Access to The Meditation Lounge

This is a space for you indulge in luscious audio guides to enhance mind-body connection in the bedroom so that you can experience more through your body rather than your head. New content uploaded every month.

Teaser: pre-sex medi, sex breath medi, post-sex medi, yoni gazing guide + more

03 / Access to Teachers Interview Library

A library with hours of video interviews with experts from around the world sharing education on a variety of topics. New interviews uploaded monthly.

Teaser: BDSM, Libido, Abortions, Motherhood, LGBTQIA+, Miscarriages, Male Pleasure + so much more.

04 / Access to Room 101

Room 101 is a space for the masterclasses, short courses and deeper conversations. This is for the sex and pleasure nerds who want to get practical. Think erogenous zone lessons, intimate communication tools, holistic sex explorations and more.

05 / Access to The Gymnasium

The gymnasium is where you'll find practical embodiment sexercises/videos on how to connect to your body, emotions, pleasure and sexuality.

The Classroom is for you if you want to learn how to...

  • Have meaningful, connected and mind-blowing sexual experiences
  • Embody orgasmic confidence and feel connected to your pleasure
  • Communicate your needs, wants and deepest desires with ease and grace
  • Spice things up in your relationship and try new ways of connecting or being intimate
  • Have more fulfilling sexual experiences that make you feel empowered and alive as a woman
  • Explore the realm of holistic sexuality in a safe, juicy and intimate learning environment
  • Use powerful holistic sex tools and techniques taught by a Certified Holistic Sex Coach
  • Boost your libido, rekindle sexual desire and have ecstatic sex
  • Explore deeper aspects of sexuality like mens pleasure, BDSM, libido, anal play, squirting + more

Upgrade your sex life month by month...

The Classroom will give you the most supportive and private space to:

  • Explore your sexuality and connect to your body in the privacy of your own home without fear or judgement

  • Be honest and truly feel what’s happening deep within your emotional and physical body

  • Allow you to use holistic sexuality techniques to transform how you show up in the bedroom and in your relationships

  • Fiercely love yourself exactly as you are regardless of what has happened in your life or what society tells you

  • Welcome you into a deeper relationship with your body no matter where you are on your journey

The Classroom offers you fresh new content and the latest teachings to keep you inspired and thriving in the bedroom and in your relationships.

If you're ready to cultivate a new relationship to your sexuality, feel more present in your whole body and let your sexuality elevate you into new liberated states of being, then The Classroom is waiting for you. See you in class.


Meet Your Sex Ed Teacher. Miss Vranjes

I'll tell you what...

I wasn’t impressed with the sex education at school – why do you think I became a sex coach? But you don’t need to do the work I’ve done to get here – just show up for class and we’ll sort the rest out together.

The Classroom was born out of the hunger I felt from women seeking support in the realm of sex, relationships and intimacy. Women wanting a safe, intimate and fun space to gather to talk about the exquisite ways to have better sex!

I’m sitting at my desk looking at our curriculum for the year and think you’ll be very excited to know where we are going! Are you ready?

Welcome to The Classroom by Melissa Vranjes™

Monthly Subscription

$27 USD per month

3-month minimum commitment, cancel anytime after that.

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