Self-Intimacy Recording

An evening of softness, embodiment and education.

Make sure you've got a private space + your journal and anything else you need for meditation/breathwork.

If you're craving to go deeper on your self-intimacy journey and desiring deep support here's where we can go together...

Intimate is my 6-week online course focusing on grounding you into more self-love, opening your body to deeper pleasure and igniting your authentic sexual self.

We start Tues 18 October.

I only take a small handful of women through this program, and this is the last time I’m running this program live until mid-2023.

I would love to support you to re-establish an intimate connection to your heart, body & vulva. We go deep into healing & disconnection, sexual confidence & empowerment, expanding your orgasm and feeling liberated in your feminine body.

We all deserve to round out the year feeling fucking amazing!

*Self-Intimacy Bonus*

For everyone who joined this call live or the recording you will receive immediate access to The Big O Masterclass Package for free (valued at $150). Just send me a DM on Insta when you sign up to Intimate and you'll be sent the package.