Don't forget the skills!

So your hands (and mouth) have been awakened to the world of only the greatest techniques for phenomenal head!

I would hate for you to forget these extraordinary skills so below is a guide on all the tips, tricks and skills you learned in the workshop. Save this link so you can return to it whenever you need a little refresh.

Penis Pleasure Anatomy

Hand Job Techniques

Infinite Penetration

Non-stop sliding your hands down his shaft, one hand after the other.

The Juicer

Placing the palm of your hand over the head of the penis and slowly rotating from R to L & L to R.

The Lock

Interlocking your fingers and then running your thumbs up and down the shaft of the penis.

Wringing out the Towel

Placing both hands on his cock and slowly twisting in the opposite direction.

Bottle Opener

Using one hand at the base of the penis and the other hand using 2 fingers to slowly twist around and off from the rim to the glans.

Blow Job Techniques

The Tongue Swirl

Flat part of tongue and swirl around the 3 hottest spots - frenulum, rim, glans. Hold the base and make eye contact.

Making Out With The Tip

Kissing around the tip, seductive kissing, naughty kissing, maybe a little french kiss.


Licking from taint (between balls) to tip, maybe a little make out at the top and lap back down. A great time to bring in dirty talk.


Taking lipstick off the inside of your mouth. Creating a seal around the head of the penis, tongue pleasuring frenulum.

Suck & Tongue

Holding the penis in your mouth, use your tongue to massage the frenulum. Push, drag, little flicks, rhythm up and down.

Deep Throating

You’re holding your breath for a few seconds and then come back up. Hold in throat and no thrusting + add lips + tongue.

Your Teacher

Melissa Vranjes Certified Holistic Sex Coach

Melissa Vranjes is a Certified Holistic Sex Coach from New Zealand, who passionately advocates for female sexuality as a source of liberation and vitality. Inspired by a pivotal workshop in Bali in 2017, she recognised the need for a more holistic approach to sex, leading her to train with leading sexologists, tantra practitioners and sex educators around the globe. With international recognition and features in publications like Grazia Croatia, Australian Women’s Health Magazine and YahooLifestyle, her all-encompassing approach guides women into the power of their bodies to experience more sexual vitality, confidence and pleasure.

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